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Week 9: Cowboys Run Over Seahawks | Game Recaps

Yes, the Cowboys won the game and yes, they did so without the game coming down to the final possession. However, there were things I witnessed during the game yesterday that bothered me. I’m grateful for the win, although it was a game that the Cowboys were supposed to win but I worry that in a close game, these things could come back and bite us.

• The return game is awful. I was all for Dez taking over the punt return duties despite the injury risks but the first punt he returned, he fielded at the 5 and ended up at the 2. I'm certainly NOT in favor of those kind of mistakes. Then, after Seattle tied the game at 3, Olgetree took the kickoff out from deep in the endzone, or should I say stumbled out of the endzone, made a small cut and then stumbled some more. I’m wondering if Joe DeCamillis is telling his players he wants returns at all costs because you don’t field a punt at the 5 and you don’t run out a deep kickoff if you’re barely going to make it to the 10 yard line.

• I know the term “powerhouse” isn’t a term you would associate with the Dallas Cowboys but the coaching staff proved to us that they don’t believe this team is that either. How do you end up 1st and goal in the 18 inch line and not once call up a running play? Even if you move the ball 6 inches each time you run it, you still end up in the endzone in 3 plays. Instead, they call 3 passing plays and ended up with 4th and goal from the 2. WTF???!!!

• When the subject of Dez Bryant comes up, one particular movie quote comes to mind.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUcHUSDB53M) Seriously, what is this guy’s deal? You screw up the punt return and then he had a nice catch and run but ended up fumbling the ball on the 2. He had four catches for 76 yards but for the fourth time this season had zero catches in the second half. I’m tired of the comparisons to Michael Irvin because if Irvin had stretches where he didn’t catch a single ball in the second half, the Cowboys wouldn’t have been as successful as they were. There is a reason he was nicknamed "The Playmaker."

• While the Defense created 3 turnovers and blocked a field goal, they still got burned by Lynch for 135 yards running the same kind of plays that McCoy ran last week. It won’t take a genius of a coordinator to pop in tapes from the last 2 weeks and find the recipe for a successful ground game against our defense.

The bottom line is the Seattle is not a great team and the Cowboys should have been able to put in a performance like they did against the Rams. They didn’t and the game was up in the air going into the fourth quarter. Thankfully they did find a way to win and while I highlighted the bad things above, they did do some good things as well.

• Demarco Murray has had 3 straight games where he has looked pretty good. It makes you wonder where this team would be had Felix Jones not gotten hurt. Wait, isn’t that they way that Miles Austin found his place on the team? When Jones gets healthy, I certainly hope they’ll leave DeMarco where he is and let Felix Jones go back to being that guy comes in for a handful of carries and pass attempts and turns those few carries into big plays. Let DeMarco take the load because it looks like he can handle it.

• Tony Romo – 19 of 31, 2 touchdowns and wasn’t sacked so a good performance from him. He had trouble in the red zone but a lot of that came down to play calling from Jason Garrett. I don’t wish anyone to get fired but should the Chargers continue their disappointing season and should Norv Turner find himself out of a job, I would love to see Norv back in Dallas as the Offensive Coordinator next season. I do have to laugh at the Cowboys fans a bit though. At one point Romo was near the endzone, took off running and saw 4 defenders in front of him and opted to slide instead of putting the shoulder down. That decision was meant with a bunch of boo birds, the same birds that criticized him for putting the shoulder down against the Jets and coughing up points. No matter what he does, he can’t please anyone. Thank you Tony for being smart and not costing us 3 points!! I do think Tony is feeling better and hopefully we will see more performances like this in the second half of the season.

Dallas has some things to fix and the task at hand next week is a tough one. The Buffalo Bills are a decent football team but coming off a loss to the Jets. I’m sure Chan Gailey would want nothing more than to bring his Bills into Cowboys Stadium and hand his former team a big fat L.