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Pass or Fail: Week 6 vs New England Patriots | Analysis/Reaction

aDan Bailey – The Cowboys kicking game was always a point of frustration for me.  Dan Bailey has been a bright spot in a position that has really been a sore spot for the Cowboys in recent years.  David Buehler was so-so last season when it came to kicking FGs, making 24 of 32 but Bailey has gone 15 of 16 this season and done a decent job on kickoffs while Buehler heals from a groin injury. Will Buehler be able to get any part of his job back when he’s healed?

fRunning Game – This continues to be a sore spot for the Cowboys this season. They currently are last in yardage gained on the ground this season (348 yards total) and are 29th in Yards per attempt with 3.3.  Felix Jones has suffered the dreaded high-ankle sprain and will likely miss the upcoming game against St. Louis and then some. So now we have to rely on DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice.

dJason Garrett – His play calling is somewhat questionable. At one point. the Cowboys have 3rd and goal with Bryant lined up with man on man coverage and instead of calling a high percentage fade to Bryant, Garrett gets cute and pulls out the old shovel pass, a play the Cowboys haven’t run all season. When the Cowboys get the ball back with a few minutes remaining, Garrett decides to go to his running game to try and run out the clock. Keep in mind that the Patroits have a great rush defense and a poor pass defense. When facing a 3rd and 18, Garrett opts to keep it on the ground, thus giving the ball back to Brady for one last drive and we know how that ended.

bCornerbacks– Yes, the Cowboys lost the game with the defense on the field and it was done so by Brady throwing the football but Brady is tough to beat in that situation. I thought overall, our corners did a bang up job. Deion Branch had 3 catches/69 yards/0 touchdowns and Welker has 6 catches/45 yards/1 TD. That is as close to getting shut down as I think you will see the New England wide receiving corps all season.

fJerry Jones – He’s not escaping me this week. He’s a problem but that is something Cowboys fans have lived with and dealt with for a very long time. Once again Jones has gone to the media and voiced his displeasure, this time on the conservative play calling made at the end of the game on Sunday. Once again Jerry Jones didn’t hesitate to second-guess his own coach after a loss and did so in a public forum. I’m not angry about the second-guessing, I did it above in this article. I’m angry that he always does this publicly. Why can’t Jerry Jones figure out that if he feels the need to let the coaching staff know his opinion, that he should do so privately?
Believe it or not. on Tuesday, Jerry had this to say on a KRLD Radio interview  about the whole thing. "I would say that probably if I had that to do over again, I wouldn't comment, period.”  And I would say if you had to do it over again, you would act the same way you’ve always acted. There is a reason I don’t make posts directly after the game and that reason is because I would regret my first reaction to a loss. There’s a lot to be said about removing yourself from the situation while you calm down but that is something Jones will never learn.